Dear Our valued guests,

As the number of reported cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to rise, Genji is taking precautionary actions to protect our customers and employees’ health and safety. 

Our restaurant is being cleaned and sanitized daily as part of standard course of business. In addition to taking preventative measures to reduce the spread of germs, we are increasing cleaning process throughout the entire restaurant. More time is being spent cleaning especially for hard surfaces such as touchscreens and doorknobs at least every 30 minutes.

As always, we prioritize our customer service and food quality to provide the great satisfaction to our beloved guests. Genji also provides carryout and delivery service from our partners, Grubhub and Uber Eats. 

Thank you for being a loyal customer. We will continue to work hard to keep our restaurant clean and safe environment to our guests.


Genji Saginaw